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Why Buy Used Cars in Amarillo, TX?

Why Buy a Used Car

At Pollard Used Cars in Lubbock, we make buying a used car easy and affordable. Here’s why you should consider buying a used car instead of a new one.

The Price

Used cars are significantly cheaper than their new car counterparts. Why? The biggest reason is depreciation. When a new car drives off a dealer lot, it instantly loses a significant portion of its value to depreciation (often more than 10%). But when you buy used, someone else has already taken on that depreciation hit for you, and you won’t have to worry about losing the value when you take it home.

Used cars are also cheaper because, well, they’re used. But if you find a used car that was well taken care of, then you can still achieve new car quality at a used car price.

Finally, used cars are traditionally cheaper to insure.

Vehicle History Reports

With the advent of the internet—along with trusted resources like vehicle history reports—you can know all you need about a vehicle before buying it. If anything fishy shows up on a vehicle history report, pass on that car; if a report is clear and a trusted mechanic gives you the thumbs up on the used car, however, you’re safe to move forward.


If you buy a new car, there’s no way to know if that model will become renowned for a specific mechanical issue. But if you wait a few years, you can do your homework with sites like Edmunds and to find a car that has few mechanical issues and retains value very well.

The Upgrade

Luxury cars might not be in your budget when buying new, but when buying used, Lexus and BMWs become suddenly more affordable. If you can handle jumping back a few model years, you can enjoy the safety technologies, entertainment features, and comforts and conveniences of a luxury model.

Interested in buying a used car? Visit us today at Pollard Used Cars in Lubbock.

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