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Best Time to Buy a Used Car In Amarillo, TX

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Sometimes buying a used car for the value can wait a little longer, but how long should you wait to nab the best deal possible. Fortunately, there are a few times during the year when buying a used car makes the most sense financially. Check out the best time of the year and period in your life to buy a used car.

Time of the Year

Winter is cold and wet, making it the perfect time to head to the used car lot. Not many people want to be out looking at cars in bad weather which means there’s less foot traffic. As a result, dealerships may be more willing to cut you a great deal on a used car.

Browsing inventory and making a deal is best done during the beginning of the week when there’s less foot traffic on dealership lots. Alternatively, buyers could wait for a holiday special to come up. The best deals tend to occur around President’s Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Weekend, and New Year’s Eve.

Period in Your Life

Many consumers choose to buy a used car early in their financial lives. Used cars often come at lower prices compared to new models, resulting in more affordable monthly payments that can ease the strain on wallets. In addition to lower monthly payments, used cars are also cheaper to replace, resulting in lower insurance rates as well. Drivers of all ages who suddenly find themselves fallen on hard times often choose to buy a used car for the same reasons.

Those who are well off and financially established choose to buy a used car for the sheer selection. While new cars are often limited to a handful of models for a single year, used vehicles are available from every decade. Drivers in search of their dream car for nostalgia or for a program often find it on a used car lot, like the one at Pollard Used Cars of Amarillo in Amarillo!
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